Monday 22 March 2010

News about the Global Jam in Montreal

I'm amazed by the amount of interest we're gathering here in Montreal for the Global Jam and the new version Ubuntu in general. I'm very eager to put in lots of work on triaging and helping people understand how to create packages or prepare patches to packages, but I've been contacted by a few people and thought it would be good to share on the awesome presentations and presenters we'll be able to see here this weekend:

  • A presentation MythTV and video capture, by Marc-André Gingras
  • Club Capra / a robotics project that was migrated from Windows to Ubuntu, and how that was done, by Michael Faille
  • An overview of PiTiVi and video edition, by Jeff Fortin (surely along with a bug jam blitz on PiTiVi?)
  • A presentation on UbuntuStudio, JACK, and Ardour; by Ronan Jouchet

To get all the juicy details, check out

I seriously can't wait until Friday!


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