Monday 25 August 2008

Intrepid's install takes a bus ride-long

I installed Intrepid Alpha 4 on my work laptop tonight. It's pretty nice -- it took the time of the bus ride home from work, plus a little more time.

So far, I'm not sure how well things go, but there has already been some small issues: failure on my first install try with full-disk encryption w/ LVM. Shortly later, some video corruption in usplash (and kept up if switching from X to consoles).

Other than that, there's been one instance where the Graphics submenu stayed open, wouldn't close (even if I clicked on an application -- nothing would happen), so I had to restart X.

Mostly however, it seems so far like it's stable enough to do actual work -- quite unlike Hardy's alphas which kept freezing my poor Thinkpad T60. VPNs work with vpnc, and ... not sure yet if they work through network-manager: network-manager-vpnc wouldn't enable the Add button, and I haven't had a chance to reboot yet.

Other than that, I like the NewHuman theme a lot ... not surprising given that Darklooks was already my favorite.

Evolution used to work, and now somehow tries to connect to the wrong Exchange server, although it doesn't hold its name anywhere in the config that I give the Exchange plugin -- maybe it tries to read domain information somewhere, but that doesn't seem quite ready yet.

Ah, I can't even think of other things to try anymore... Maybe more in a new post. I've got to check if a lot of bugs are opened yet.

And the bus ride... it takes about half an hour. Not bad, but that's definitely something that will need to be worked on.

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