Wednesday 9 March 2011

This weekend's GeekFest in Montreal

We had a table at this weekend's GeekFest geek festival in Montreal. It was awesome! Tons of people, and even better, tons of interest about Ubuntu and our LoCo team.

We gave out CDs, stickers, some extra FSF stickers I had in my backpack, and generally told people all they wanted to know about Ubuntu, gaming on Ubuntu (we had a demo of World of Goo running on one of the laptops for a good part of Sunday), and the Ubuntu Quebec LoCo team. It was very interesting to hear people tell us they already knew about Ubuntu or used it at home, at work, etc; yet still didn't know about the local community team and the help resources we offer.

One of the things we focused on was how Ubuntu Quebec has a mailing list and forum to provide help, announce events and just generally discuss things, as well as our IRC channel on Freenode (#ubuntu-qc, for those who don't know!). Lots of people were surprised to hear of a user group for Ubuntu but very interested by it. I printed and gave out nearly 40 business cards with contact information for the LoCo team.

I am very happy to have been helped by two very active members of the team: Christian Parent (Mobidoy) and Philippe Gauthier (deuxpi), and joined on Sunday by Eric Beaurivage (sipherdee), another LoCo team member. Without them, we certainly couldn't have been able to speak to so many people, and we definitely wouldn't have had any time to visit the other kiosks (can't just stay sitting... if you hold a kiosk in a conference, just got to go see the other things!).

Christian always has very cool ideas, this weekend it was to show his new laptop sticker (a mouse pad glued to the laptop).

Some other interesting aspects:

To our right was the kiosk of devLAB, a project to start programming contests, identify new technologies, etc... Did I get this all right? Sure hope so. The great thing too is that they were interested by our Global Jam ideas, so there may be collaboration on that aspect to come for this cycle's Global Jam event in Montreal. That still needs to be discussed on the mailing list.

We met with someone from Foonzo Café, a new café in Montreal near Peel metro which runs all their systems on Ubuntu! They have some 80 seated places, so we may consider holding the Montreal release party there for Natty. Check how the discussion unfolds for this on our mailing list.

And last but not least, we met with Carlos and his brother who started "Carlito's Contraptions". They work on Nao the robot to develop applications, have it do stuff... While Nao doesn't exactly run Ubuntu (it's really a stripped down Linux with the bare minimum), their development systems are Ubuntu. They were nice enough to allow us to take action shots of Nao with a Ubuntu logo sticker. First it was on a GeekFest pin attached to Nao with sticky-tack, then they put another sticker directly on Nao's right arm. Rock on guys!

Take a look at all the pictures on my Picasa Album: "GeekFestMtl 2011".


Anonymous said...

Nice! Wish I could be there. Next year I'll try to be more aware of stuff like that and not find out about it on the day :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! Wish I could be there. Next year I'll try to be more aware of stuff like that and not find out about it on the day :)