Tuesday 28 September 2010

Videotron Huawei E1381 USB 3G dongle

I've been fortunate enough today to be lended a Huawei E1381 3G USB modem. I'm happy to report all I had to do was to plug it in to my Aspire One running Maverick UNE and confirm it was immediately recognized and available in NetworkManager.

What's more, Videotron's new 3G offering is already available from the mobile-broadband-provider-info package, so you can already plug in such a key, create a new 3G connection in NM and select Videotron as the ISP to quickly get online!

Needless to say, this is pretty good news knowing the current developments in 3G offerings in the province of Quebec; so thanks to all those involved to make this available :)

As I side note, I'll be going to UDS-N in October, and I'm very interested to know about your success stories or even failure stories about 3G modems. I can't promise anything, but I *do* think it would be great to get a good grasp of what 3G devices are supported or not. So if you own a 3G USB dongle which still doesn't work in Maverick and you are going to UDS, don't hesitate to ping me on IRC or stop me IRL so we can look into it.

I may write up a wiki page with devices which are known to work (or not to work), so stay tuned for an update on this subject.

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