Monday 22 June 2009

Linux Symposium 2009

Another Linux conference is coming up soon.

The famous Linux Symposium, in its 2009 edition will be held in Montreal this time, at the Centre Mont-Royal, from July 13 to July 17 2009.

It is a world-class event at which a good number of developers, especially those interested in the Linux kernel, will be present.

A lot of very interesting presentations are already scheduled, you can view the full schedule here.

There is still time to register for the conference.

I definitely know that while I'm not presenting anything and I am far from being a kernel hacker, I'm already planning to spend the entire week at the conference... I already took the days off :)

Let me quote from the website's FAQ page:

What is the Linux Symposium?

The Linux Symposium is a Linux developers conference that takes place every year in Canada. The main focus of the event is the Linux kernel and the technologies closely related to the kernel. There is no trade show floor at the Symposium and very little overt marketing presence.

I am not a kernel hacker, will I be out of place?

While the general focus of the event is the Linux Kernel all your need to take advantage of the event is a strong interest in Operating Systems technology and development. Yes many of our attendees are kernel hackers; but many are just Linux enthusiasts; userspace hackers, and system administrators.

I look forward to seeing lots of people there!

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