Thursday 30 October 2008

Montreal Intepid Ibex release party + Ubuntu OpenWeek

Wow. Great stuff. I'm at the release party in Montreal, and there's a lot of people... Okay, by the standards of other places, we're probably just a handful at 40 people, but at least we're filling the room :) Fortunately, we've got the great talents of some support people from Canonical, as well as the guys from FACIL making CDs for people to install Intrepid on their systems. Beer is flowing too, so that's always good news :)

So, thanks to MagicFab, Drago, Etienne, Saïd, Yannick... am I forgetting anyone? For throwing this great party!

Also, thanks to Oguz Yarimtepe (I've noticed his post on for bringing this to my attention. There's a LOT of really interesting subjects that will be discussed for openweek, and thankfully, in my timezone, all of them are at a time I can easily follow and take part in the discussions -- So I really intend to follow as many as possible of the classrooms, especially what touches to Bazaar and packaging, since those are definitely very interesting subjects to me.

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