Saturday 28 November 2009

Intro, B-Sides release


I'm a new Ubuntu member since the November 18th meeting of the America's Membership Board. It's an honor to be part of this awesome project that is Ubuntu! Not much to say except that I'm from the Quebec LoCo team, and interested and taking part in a number of things, including the NetworkManager team, B-Sides maintainers, and Ubuntu AMI testing. I'll often blog here about the stuff I work on, as well as stuff I learn about in my 'adventure' to join the MOTU team.

Today, I am pleased to announce the first "official" release of the B-Sides project, with version 0.9.5 of B-Sides available from the B-Sides maintainers' PPA. Fresh out of the buildds :)

Ubuntu B-Sides is a project that aims at bringing to you the "rest of the disc", a number of great applications that couldn't make it to the default Ubuntu desktop (by that, we mean directly off the official CD), but nicely complement it. We do this by adding applications and not replacing those that are provided by the release, and without breaking the "one application per task" rule... Which means you shouldn't expect to see alternate browsers or MP3 players, but will still see a lot of really cool apps such a Gwibber, pitivi...

You can see the full list of applications here:


Unknown said...


Thanks a lot for your work.

I am wondering if it will be possible, in the future, to add other applications.
I have just noticed there are many softwares which are not available in your list.
I know your work is still in progress.
In addition, you can't add anything. Otherwise, you will end up with a Dvd to download, not a Cd ;-)
Lucid lynx is still far far away (well, actually April 2010).

This being explained, I have a "wish list" regarding some softwares I have to install every time because they are not available with the Ubuntu's CD.
In would be great if some of them could be inserted in your list ;-)
I am a Linux beginner and it is really difficult for me to install software from sources (let alone compile them...).
In short,they are:

1. Blender. The upcoming 2.5 version would be just great.
2. Ardour 2.8.4
3. Hugin (
4. Phatch (
5. Recorditnow ( This one is thought for KDE but I think it could be useful because on Gnome there is not anything like that (Recordmydesktop is not longer supported on GTK because there is not an active developer working on it). The same applies to Istanbul.
6. Scribus. The upcoming 1.3.6 version would be fine (
7. Shutter (
8. PdfEdit (
9. Audacity. I am thinking about the upcoming 2.0 version (not the old one).
10. GnuCash. The upcoming 2.4 version would be fine. I just hope it will be ready in time for Lucid Lynx :-)
11. Wine. The upcoming 2.0 version would be just fine.

All these softwares, in my opinion, are really useful for doing "professional" work.

Best regards and THANKS a lot for your work,


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the membership ... we will have a drink to it tonight!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Ubuntu membership ... we will have a drink to that tonight!