Saturday 29 August 2009

Mentoring + Ubuntu Developer Week

Needless to say, I'm going to Ubuntu Developer Week. Sadly, this time my IRC participation will be limited given that I'll be at work, and thus unable to connect. I'm still very eager to take a look at the chat histories that will be posted after the sessions. It all sounds really interesting.

Also, timing couldn't be better for more interesting learning stuff to come up. I recently sent an e-mail to Ubuntu Mentors, asking for help in looking at different things, such as NetworkManager. It turns out that I will be working with Alexander Sack.

So far, I've been looking at two things: building the network-manager-openconnect package, and looking at network-manager bugs.

The bugs are bugging me somewhat. There's quite a lot to look at, and some of the stuff just seems so obscure. Still, I think I'm still getting better at sorting bugs.

Then there's building the network-manager-openconnect package. It seems to build fine-ish, but I get some weird errors when I try to enable a VPN connection -- but I think I'm close to figuring it out.

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