Thursday 11 September 2008

Dropbox was released today

Dropbox was released in Public Beta today. Yay!

As soon as I got to my email with the invite, I installed the 8.04 version of the Dropbox package from the website on my primary system (running Intrepid). It worked perfectly, installed without a glitch, and I can now happily synchronize files between machines.

Oh, and I subscribed to today. I'll attempt to regularly post something there too... I just need to find a good way of doing these posts easily and without always logging in to the website.


Anonymous said...

For you may use gwibber :
or your jabber client :

Matt Trudel said...

Thanks, I'll definitely take a look.

Gavin said...

Dropbox is great :) I'm glad it made it to Linux. Ideal for when I want to transfer files from home to school or to our robotics club meetings!

Unknown said...

For I user twhirl. But then I already had the Adobe AIR alpha installed on my box (running Hardy) for some stuff I wanted to test a while ago.

Twhirl works fine on Hardy, except that it doesn't store passwords. Since I generally don't allow programs to store my passwords anyway it is a non-issue to me.